Globalweb Outsourcing e Infraestrutura Globalweb Outsourcing e Infraestrutura


Hosting Services

Our hosting service contemplates all the logical parts of the entire solution, including basic software (OS), databases, firewalls, antivirus and backup.

Data Center Deployment Consulting

GlobalWeb, attentive to the challenges in the corporate world, advises companies in the implementation of data centers.


Share information easily and securely integrating collaborative tools into a communications infrastructure and modular family.

Our Concept

We aim to be the premiere developer of new processes, technologies and solutions to manage effectively the decision-making procedure and the critical points of your business.

Information Security

Globalweb offers several options to protect and preserve the information of your company, ensuring its integrity, availability, authenticity and confidentiality.

Storage & Backup

Our proposal is to solve your problems of data management through the centralization and distribution of storage resources and backup servers among many different platforms.

Servers Consolidation

The tools are planned in accordance with the business reality and needs, as means of reducing costs, centralizing and standardizing software and hardware of your IT infrastructure.

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